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4th June 2018
Prof Sharma to teach at Educational Session at ASCO Annual Meeting, Chicago

ASCO is the largest, international clinical cancer research meeting worldwide. Following other lectures in recent years, this year Prof Sharma has been invited to lecture on radiotherapy treatment options for metastatic colorectal cancer. He will discuss in detail stereotactic radiotherapy (SBRT), proton beam therapy (PBT) and selective internal radiotherapy (SIRT). The educational sessions are published as teaching articles and available as online resources so that they are widely available for oncology training.

22nd April 2018
Prof Sharma to lecture on immunotherapy combined with radiotherapy, European Conference of Interventional Oncology, Vienna.

Interventional oncology is a rapidly involving specialty to treat cancer using minimally invasive procedures performed under image guidance. Prof Sharma has collaborated closely with interventional radiologists over the past two decades to advance this field scientifically for the benefit of patients. In these two invited lectures, Prof Sharma will explore what we have learnt from clinical trials of SIRT in combination with new drugs, and what the future might hold for combination of radiotherapy with new immunotherapies to treat cancer.

March 2018
Dr Tom Richards invited to co-chair Prize Committee for Royal Society of Medicine Sylvia-Lawler Prize.

The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) is one of the most highly regarded medical societies in the World. The Sylvia Lawler meeting is the prestigious annual prize meeting for the RSM Oncology Section. It was established in memory of Sylvia Lawler one of this country's first female geneticists. The meeting provides a forum for clinicians and scientists in training to present their research.

22nd February 2018
AACR-FDA-ASTRO to host two-day workshop on drug-radiotherapy combinations, Bethesda, USA.

Prof Sharma published a UK-led seminal paper that initiated this programme of research in 2016. As a recognition of his contributions to this new field of research, Prof Sharma has been invited to deliver the introductory talk at this Workshop and to chair key discussion sessions. The organisers expect that the workshop should lead to guidelines being published to help researchers and investigators.

25th January 2018
BBC radio interview with Professor Sharma on selective internal radiotherapy

In response to a 32-year old woman’s crowd funding to raise money for her cancer treatment, Professor Sharma explains selective internal radiotherapy and which patients benefit most from this treatment:

19th January 2018
Masterclass for General Practitioners: Dr Sibtain to lecture on Clinical Oncology.

Radiotherapy is a rapidly evolving specialism, so keeping general practitioners and other hospital specialists up to date is an important role for highly specialist Clinical Oncologists. Dr Sibtain will be updating GPs on some of the advances in Clinical Oncology at a Masterclass in early 2018. Other educational events in the UK and abroad involving the Consultants of Precision Oncology UK are planned for 2018 and 2019.

11th January 2018
Dr Sibtain interviewed for Prognosis Magazine on Intra-Operative Radiotherapy (IORT) for cancer of the rectum.

Intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) is a technique delivering radiotherapy during surgery. It directs low-energy x-rays to the area of the body requiring exposure to radiation. Dr Amen Sibtain and Mr Ian Jenkins were featured in Prognosis magazine about this exciting new form of localised radiotherapy. See:

January 2018
Dr Tom Richards invited to be Supervisor and Examiner for University of London Oncology MSc.

The University of London Oncology MSc organised by The Institute of Cancer Research is an essential component of training for all Clinical Oncologists in London. Dr Richards has been a teacher and educator on this course for several years, and this year has been asked to supervise and examine MSc students on the course. Education and training is a key activity of the Precision Oncology UK consultants.

January 2018
Dr Sibtain elected to Faculty Board of the Royal College of Radiologists, UK.

The Faculty Board of the Royal College of Radiologists is the governing body of the Clinical Oncology Faculty and manages the affairs of the Faculty and is responsible for the implementation of the policy of the Council as it appertains to the Faculty. Dr Sibtain’s extensive experience of Clinical Oncology and his reputation amongst the oncology community has led to this honour.

10th November 2017
Prof Sharma presents latest data at Chinese Society for Radiation Oncology national conference, Beijing.

Following presentation of phase III randomised clinical trial data at ASCO, Chicago in June 2017 and publication of a major paper in The Lancet Oncology, Prof Sharma was invited by the Chinese Society for Radiation Oncology to present the FOXFIRE-SIRFLOX-FOXFIRE Global data at their annual meeting. The presentation stimulated a lot of discussion about SIRT and patient access to this highly specialist treatment in China.

November 2017
Professor Sharma featured in Marylebone Journal

In a highly featured interview, Professor Sharma explains some of the most exciting advances in precision therapy for cancer using radiotherapy. For the full interview, see:

27th October 2017
Prof Sharma chairs Proton Beam Therapy seminar at Brazilian Radiation Oncology national conference, Rio de Janeiro.

Proton beam therapy is an important advance for radiotherapy and our ability to treat patients with potentially curative treatment. Prof Sharma hosted a lunchtime symposium on Proton Beam Therapy to inform clinical oncologists in Brazil about the importance of this new type of radiotherapy treatment at the annual national meeting of Radiation Oncologists, hosted in parallel with national meeting of Brazilian Medical Oncologists.

October 2017
Dr Tom Richards appointed as Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, University College London.

Based on his research experience, PhD and publications in peer-reviewed journals, Dr Richards has been honoured with a senior research title by University College London. In his Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer role, Dr Richards will continue his research interests in GI cancers and breast cancer, including new approaches such as proton beam therapy.

September 2017
Dr Amen Sibtain chairs important multidisciplinary session on bowel cancer at national specialist meeting.

The Controversies in Rectal Cancer Conference was held for the fourth year on 14th-15th September 2017 on Locally advanced rectal Cancer. The session chaired by Dr Sibtain brought together specialists from different aspects of the treatment of rectal cancer to discuss how we can optimise care for future patients with rectal cancer, which accounts for about a third of all new cases of bowel cancer. For more information on rectal cancer, see and

13th June 2017
Summer 2017: FOXFIRE Combined Analysis to be published in The Lancet Oncology

In 2016, Professor Sharma led a seminal publication on Drug-Radiotherapy combinations in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology. The open-access paper is available here

We have just received breaking news that, following peer review, the Combined Analysis paper of the FOXFIRE, SIRFLOX and FOXFIRE-Global clinical studies led by Professor Sharma has been accepted for fast-track publication in The Lancet Oncology. The full scientific article will be published this year.

5th June 2017
Professor Sharma to present results of FOXFIRE combined analyses at ASCO

Professor Sharma will present the largest prospective randomised study ever performed in Interventional Oncology at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago. The FOXFIRE Combined Analysis was a study of 1,103 patients randomised to receive either standard first-line chemotherapy for colorectal cancer that has spread to the liver, or the same chemotherapy plus a treatment procedure called selective internal radiotherapy using radioactive yttrium-90 resin microspheres. Colorectal cancer is the fourth most frequently diagnosed cancer worldwide, and the third leading cause of cancer deaths, taking almost 700,000 lives annually. More than half of all patients with colorectal cancer will be diagnosed with metastases, most commonly in the liver.

2 June 2017
Dr Tom Richards invited to be guest speaker

Dr Tom Richards has been invited to be guest speaker at the UK Radiation Oncology Congress in Manchester on 14th June 2017. He will summarise the current radiotherapy treatment strategies for rectal cancer and discuss future developments and ongoing trials in this area.

8 May 2017
The setting up of Precision Oncology UK in early 2017

Precision Oncology UK was set up in early 2017 by three consultant clinical oncologists to provide the best possible levels of care and treatment to patients with cancer using the very latest techniques in radiotherapy technology.

Dr Sibtain, Professor Sharma and Dr Richards are experts in evidence-based cancer treatments with state-of-the-art treatments. Dr Sibtain commented: "Our blend of experience, expertise and a cohesive team approach mean the best quality standards are always met, across a wide range of treatment methods."

The three consultants work together to deliver the whole package of care each patient requires.

Dr Richards added: "By working as a team, we can ensure no gaps in care and the highest levels of continuity for all patients under our joint care."

3 May 2017
Professor Sharma presents drug-radiotherapy combinations at FDA Workshop

Over the past 3 years, Professor Ricky Sharma has been leading an international Joint Working Group uniquely made up of academia (NCRI CTRad), the pharma and medical device industries and patient representatives. The group provides guidance on how to combine new drugs with radiotherapy. In 2016, the Joint Working Group published their first landmark paper of consensus statements. In response to this paper, an important step forward has been made by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which has designed its first ever workshop on this important clinical topic. Professor Sharma spoke on this topic in Bethesda, USA, on 3rd May. For more details of the Accelerating Anticancer Agent Development and Validation Workshop or NCRI CTRad: visit this link

The goal is to make effective drug-radiotherapy combinations reach patients more quickly.

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2018 ASCO Annual Meeting

1-5 June 2018
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International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA) 12th Annual Conference

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CIRSE 2018 - Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe Annual Congress

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2018 ASTRO Annual Meeting

21-24 October 2018
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